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Frog Jump Jump as high as possible. Click or Tap to jump.
0 0   387   Stratagy
Spooky Mahjong Remove the creepy creatures in pairs. Click on 2 of the same free tiles to remove them.
2 1   324   Stratagy
Yin and Yang Connect the Yin with the Yang symbols by removing the bricks between the symbols. Connect 3 or more...
0 0   413   Stratagy
Fruit Flip Match 3 Swap 2 fruit and Match 3 or more of the same fruit horizontally or vertically.
1 0   352   Stratagy
5Dice The classic Dice game. Throw the dice and enter your score.
0 0   1192   Stratagy
Pente A connect 5 board game. The players alternate in placing stones of their color. The players aim to a...
0 0   208   Stratagy
Castle Mahjong Build your Castle in this Mahjong Solitaire game. Combine 2 free of the same tiles to remove them an...
1 0   230   Stratagy
Vexed Zoobies Move similar blocks together to remove them. Remove all blocks to advance to the next level. Drag bl...
0 0   210   Stratagy
Zoo Animals Move the animal parts and make the images complete.
0 0   191   Stratagy
Thieves of Egypt Move all cards to the 8 foundations from Ace to King. On the tableau you can place cards on other ca...
0 0   214   Stratagy
Zoobiedoku Sudoku game: place all animals on the grid. Every animal can be placed only once in every row, colum...
0 0   206   Stratagy
Supermarket Numbers Add up numbers until you reach the given goal number.
0 0   216   Stratagy
Tapman Classic Pacman game. Eat all the yellow dots and avoid the ghosts.
0 0   206   Stratagy
Moon Mahjong Combine 2 of the same visible free tiles to remove them. Click on the stack to get new open tiles.
0 0   208   Stratagy
Go The classic board game Go. The objective is to surround a larger total area of the board with your s...
0 0   1449   Stratagy
Connect Four Connect 4 of your discs to win. Classic Game.
0 0   321   Stratagy
Crystal Fairy Collect the images of the animals to grow magical creatures. Move the image parts down by matching 3...
0 0   369   Stratagy
Garden Secrets Hidden Letters Discover the Secrets of this beautiful garden by finding all the hidden letters.
0 0   308   Stratagy
Wild West Klondike Klondike solitaire game: move all cards to the top 4 stacks from Ace to King. On the tableau place c...
0 0   367   Stratagy
Vintage Vexed Your goal is to move similar blocks together to remove those blocks. Remove all blocks to advance to...
0 0   288   Stratagy

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